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DSC(OIT), Hydrostatic pressure Tester, Cap, MFR, Circometer, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Carbon Black Content, Microscope(Carbon Black Dispersion), Falling Weight, Hardness Tester, Vicat/HDT, Oven, Ring Stiffness, Universal Tensile Tester, ESCR, CNC, FNCT, RCP, Gel Content, Methylene Chloride Tester, Thermocycling, Dynamic Pressure

about NAB:
  • 1997: NAB Consulting division
    Optimization, modification and stimulation of production lines. Row material selection


  • 1998: NAB Pipe producer division
    Produce PA / TPU Tube used Automotive Industry.


  • 1999: NAB Lab equipment division
    Design & equip of quality control lab, in plastic Industry.


  • 2000: NAB Compounding division
    Produce PE Compound such as Masterbatch


  • 2001: NAB Participation in National Standard Organization of Iran
    To provide the National Standards of PE / PP / PVC pipe & fittings.


  • 2002: NAB Trading division
    Procurement lab equipment, Machinery of plastic & row material.


  • 2003: NAB as IPT agency
    Getting IPT Company representative.


  • 2004: Completing Commercial and service divisions.
    Running big projects, Lab equipments preparation, expanding commercial and especially service division.


  • 2005: laboratory
    We are about to taking acridity from national standard, to do analyze tests and quality control tests of products. ( pipe and fittings )


  • 2006: NAB as a knowledge base for pipe producer

                Introduction the IPT pressure tester for 165 hour Test


  • 2007: NAB as a knowledge base for raw material

               Introduction an economical DSC unit for measuring OIT (oxidation induction time)


  • 2008: Membership in the ISO committee (TC138)


  • 2009: Holding International plastic pipe & fittings conferences


  • 2010: Implementation of quality management system
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membership in society of plastic Engineers

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 Certificate of Exclusive agency from IPT

نوآوران بسپار
Membership in Hamen plastic society

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 Appreciation Letter from PVC society in IRAN
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