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DSC(OIT), Hydrostatic pressure Tester, Cap, MFR, Circometer, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Carbon Black Content, Microscope(Carbon Black Dispersion), Falling Weight, Hardness Tester, Vicat/HDT, Oven, Ring Stiffness, Universal Tensile Tester, ESCR, CNC, FNCT, RCP, Gel Content, Methylene Chloride Tester, Thermocycling, Dynamic Pressure

Product Detail

CNC Milling Machine.
Model:  nab06
for the preparation of plastic test bars
up to a length of 250 mm and a thickness up to 70 mm
and a width of minimum 2 mm
•PC-controlled CNC machine (PC is included in the standard scope of delivery)
•Machining programs with predefined parameters and especially designed clamping devices available for all current test bar shapes
•Precise, automatic machining of test bars
•Table-top unit with safety hood for maximum of safety for the operator and a clean working place
•Mounting plate for max. 5 test bar clamps
•Compressed-air nozzle for removal of swarfs and cooling system (Working compressed air has to be made available - 6 bar / G1/4“ internal screw thread connection)
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