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DSC(OIT), Hydrostatic pressure Tester, Cap, MFR, Circometer, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Carbon Black Content, Microscope(Carbon Black Dispersion), Falling Weight, Hardness Tester, Vicat/HDT, Oven, Ring Stiffness, Universal Tensile Tester, ESCR, CNC, FNCT, RCP, Gel Content, Methylene Chloride Tester, Thermocycling, Dynamic Pressure

Product Detail

FTIR Spectroscope
Model:  nab47
Using for characterizing materials with some properties as follow:
1 High Stability:
2 High Accuracy and Reliability:
3 Practical Analytical Software:
4 Various Accessories:
5 Liquid Sample Accessories:
6 IR Microscope:
7 Diffuse/Specular Reflectance Accessory:
8 Horizontal ATR(Single-reflection and Multi-reflection)/Variable Angle ATR(30°-60°)
9 Accessory for Determination of Hydroxyl in IR Quartz
10 Accessory for Oxygen and Carbon in Silicon Crystal Determination
11 SiO2 Powder Dust Monitoring Accessory
12 Component Testing Accessory
13 Optic Fiber testing Accessory
14 Jewelry Inspection Accessory
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