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DSC(OIT), Hydrostatic pressure Tester, Cap, MFR, Circometer, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Carbon Black Content, Microscope(Carbon Black Dispersion), Falling Weight, Hardness Tester, Vicat/HDT, Oven, Ring Stiffness, Universal Tensile Tester, ESCR, CNC, FNCT, RCP, Gel Content, Methylene Chloride Tester, Thermocycling, Dynamic Pressure

    System Performance

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Crush & Squeeze of Tester
This Equipment is used for assessment system performance, specially gas pipes, in burst situations. In these situations the failed part squeezed and the new one is replaced.
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Dynamic Internal Pressure Tester
for dynamic internal pressure tests of pipes and fittings with sinusoidal and line type march of pressure up to 30 bar, 40 bar resp. 70 bar.
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