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DSC(OIT), Hydrostatic pressure Tester, Cap, MFR, Circometer, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Carbon Black Content, Microscope(Carbon Black Dispersion), Falling Weight, Hardness Tester, Vicat/HDT, Oven, Ring Stiffness, Universal Tensile Tester, ESCR, CNC, FNCT, RCP, Gel Content, Methylene Chloride Tester, Thermocycling, Dynamic Pressure

    Plastic Test

Products List
Vicat/HDT Tester
for determination of Vicat softening temperature and the heat deflection temperature under load on plastics and thermoplastics,
available in 3 station system
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Pendulum Impact Tester
For determination of Izod and Charpy impact strength
Consisting of:
- Charpy or Izod pendulum with different energy capability acc. to the different standards
- Pair of supports for specimen; Support separation: 22 ... 70 mm
- Centering device for notched Charpy or Izod specimen
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Universal Tensile Tester
for performing tensile, compression, bending tests according to a large variety of international standards
Micro-processor controlled Universal Tensile Tester universally calibrated, force measurement grade 0.5
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Digital Hardness Tester
This Equipment is used for assessment hardness of plastic material according to shore unit. shore A, shore C & shore D are measured by Digital Harness Tester.
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Drop Impact Tester-Falling Weight
For determination of the impact resistance of
thermoplastic pipes according to staircase method
and round-the-clock method
Servo-powered drop impact tester for
drop heights of max. 2 m or 4 m and
falling weights from 0.25 up to 16 kg
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Environmental Stress-Cracking Tester
It is used to determine of the susceptibility of ethylene plastics, as defined in
terminology D883, to environmental stress-cracking when subjected to the conditions
specified in ASTM D1639-01under certain conditions of stress and in the presence of
environments such as soaps, wetting agents, oils, or detergents, ethylene plastics may
exhibit mechanical failure by cracking.
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